Newsletter N°10

January - April 2017


Youth and SDGs

dynamique de population

Two young Tunisians, Houssem, 22, and Hayfa, 19, participated to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Youth Forum, held on 30-31 January, at the UN Headquarters in New York. The participation of Houssem and Hayfa came after they took part in a series of competitive Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) camps held on the national level by UNFPA and other UN agencies, from August to December 2016, paving the way for them to join other youth leaders from around the world in the (ECOSOC) Youth Forum. The two-day event provided a platform for youth to engage in a dialogue with representatives of UN member-states and share ideas on innovation, collective action and solutions to global problems as part of the concretization of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Houssem: The ECOSOC youth forum was probably the most exciting experience for me, so far. It was a very enlightening experience on an intellectual, professional or even emotional level. I got to present my project to high level representatives, to learn from others’ initiatives and to be inspired by the role models attending the forum. This experience loaded me with determination and ambition to make real change in Tunisia.

Hayfa: At first, the Sustainable development goals seemed to be unreachable. I have always perceived them as utopic concepts that would end up being forgotten. Well, this was my perception of the SDGs until I got selected to participate to the first SDG camp in Tunisia and it was the starting point of a life changing experience!
A very enriching, inspiring yet powerful experience that gave me the chance of my life to sit on the same table with high levels and the world's decision makers, negotiating topics that once seemed out of everyone hands.