Newsletter N°10

January - April 2017


The Certificate of College Studies
of victimology tackling gender
based violence

Santé sexuelle

Dr. Anissa Bouasker Organizer and speaker

In the framework of the Certificate of College Studies (CCS) of victimology and psycho-criminology of the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis, the Tunisian Psychiatric Society, in partnership with UNFPA, organized a seminar on the support to GBV victims. This workshop took place on the 10th and 11th of March 2017 at the teaching complex of the Razi hospital in Tunis. It brought together several stakeholders and healthcare professionals registered in the CCS. Its aim was to introduce participants (psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, etc.) to the general principles of support to women victims of violence and to open the discussion on a multisectorial approach by inviting speakers from different backgrounds (jurists, anthropologists, civil society activists ...).

This approach joins in the efforts deployed in order to integrate gender concepts and general principles of care for women victims of violence in university curricula and in the continuing education programs for healthcare professionals.


Training of trainers on domestic
and intra-family violence

Santé sexuelle

Opening ceremony

Under the Joint Program on Care services for women and girls victims of violence 2017-2018, the National Office for Family and Population (ONFP) organized, with the support of UNFPA and the Delegation of Wallonia-Brussels, a training of trainers on domestic and intra-family violence. This training took place in Tunis from 13 to 17 March 2017 and brought together 25 participants from different regional structures of the ONFP as well as partner institutions and associations.

The training provided by two trainers of the Association Solidarité Femmes et refuge pour femmes battues (ASBL) - Belgium was based on a systemic approach to gender-based violence. It enabled participants to develop their knowledge of the concepts of victimization and devictimization, to develop the necessary tools to assess the impact of violence on the physical and mental health of the victims and to better understand the framework, the benchmarks and the keys to intervention with the survivors.

This training session is part of an overall framework for strengthening the capacities of health professionals in the care of women and girls victims of violence aimed at improving the conditions of care in front-line services.


An evaluation mission on the
services for women and girls
victims of sexual violence
in Tunisia

Santé sexuelle

Dr.Rey-Salmon and INJED staff

An evaluation mission on the services for women and girls victims of sexual violence in Tunisia has been conducted from 15 to 17 February 2017. This mission is part of the preparatory work carried out within the framework of “the joint program on essential services for women and girls victims of violence”, developed by the United Nations System in Tunisia and its national partners (Ministry of Women, Family and Children, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, civil society).

This mission, initiated by the Medical-Judicial Emergency Unit (UMJ) - INJED of Charles Nicolle Hospital with the support of UNFPA, was led by Dr. Caroline REY-SALMON of the UMJ Hotel Dieu in Paris. The consultant conducted a series of field visits to the INJED unit as well as other regional forensic services in Monastir and Mahdia; where she met with key actors, including psychiatrist, child psychiatrist, Psychology, Forensic Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Paramedical, Forensic odontology and the General Delegate for Child Protection. The mission was also an opportunity to share the experience of the UMJ of the Hôtel Dieu in Paris.

The mission finally permitted to establish an inventory of services offered for the victims of sexual violence in Tunisia with particular focus on INJED, identify the main gaps and needs in the services for victims of sexual violence and develop targeted recommendations to improve those services.