Joint Program in Maternal and Newborn Health: Investing in Midwifery


Joint Program on Maternal and Newborn Health workshop on "Investing in the Midwifery ", which brought together +20 professionals from the medical sector, governmental and non-governmental institutions and WHO..

Three workshops were held from 5th to 7th of July 2017 in Tunis to analyze the advisability of investing in midwifery. Organized by the Department of Basic Health Care at the Ministry of Health, with the support of UNFPA, these workshops are part of the Joint Program on Maternal and Newborn Health (MNH) Action Plan.

This activity, facilitated by the international expert, Mr. Francisco Pozo-Martin, brought together about twenty participants, including midwives, general practitioners, gynecologists representing governmental and non-governmental structures, and World Health Organization representatives.

During the first workshop on July 5, 2017, the participants carried out a review of the skills of the target professionals and then used practical cases to estimate the costs of each essential MNH intervention and to check their impact on mortality.

The second day brought together human resources specialists, experts in planning and statistics regarding maternal and newborn health. They reviewed the epidemiological data and drafted a model to optimize the current public sector human resources in charge of MNH to ensure an effective coverage on MNH services (geographic, financial and cultural accessibility of the population as well as the quality of the services provided).

The last day was devoted to defining the outlines of a strategy aiming to reposition the midwifery profession in the various maternal and newborn health programs and to determine its potential impact (cost / efficiency).