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A national training plan on GBV
for health professionals


The meeting for the adoption of the national training plan on GBV - credit MoH

A national training plan on GBV for health professionals in Tunisia was developed in 2017 and approved by the Ministry of Health. The training of service providers in the health sector and in other sectors involved in the care of women victims of violence is one of the major preoccupations currently in order to respond to the phenomenon of gender-based violence (GBV). Few countries have so far developed training plans to ensure decent care for victims of violence. It is therefore a real step forward for Tunisia, just few months after the adoption of the new law on violence against women.

In 2016, the National Board on Family and Population in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund carried out a review of existing documentation on training on the care for women and girls victims of violence, developed specifically for health professionals in Tunisia. The development of a continuous training plan for health professionals was among the recommendations of this review. A steering committee was set up by the representatives of the various departments of the Ministry of Health to follow up on the development of the plan, to validate the training and evaluation plan and tools, and to ensure its implementation during the next five years.

The training plan aims to train nearly 20,000 health professionals over a period of 5 years, at a rate of 1 training per month per region according to 3 modules: 1 / sensitization; 2 / identification, listening and multi-sectoral care for women victims of violence(WVV); 3 / Specific support of WVV.

This project is part of the joint program to improve care services for women victims of violence in Tunisia.