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National Board of Family
and Population

ONFP-credit UNFPA Tunisie
S. Baraket

The National Board for Family and Population is a public institution under the authority of the Ministry of Health and it is responsible for implementing the government's population and reproductive health policy.

The board mission is to conduct studies and research of an economic, social and demographic nature; to present legislative and regulatory proposals aimed to ensure the harmonious development of population, both economically and socially. The board has established solid partnership programs with relevant public and private organizations. Those partnerships aim to provide all citizens with the appropriate means of information, education and intervention, in accordance with the legislation. Finally, the board stands out by its continuous work to build the capacities of the workforce delivering services, particularly in the field of family planning, RH, communication and family well-being.

The board has:

24 regional delegations
36 reproductive health centers
21 youth friendly spaces
42 mobile teams covering 310 basic health centers
01 mobile clinic
09 anonymous and free HIV / AIDS testing centers
06 regional cervical cancer-screening units
02 fetal handicap prevention units
01 unit of mammography
03 anti-drug units
01 care unit for women victims of violence

The services offered by the board:

Family planning – perinatal care
Prevention of female cancers
Infertility of the couple
Sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and young people
Awareness against STIs / HIV and GBV
Prevention of fetal disabilities

In terms of research, the board coordinated the conduct of several studies, including:

• 1978: Tunisian Fertility Survey
• 1983: Tunisian survey on contraceptive prevalence (ETPC)
• 1988: Demographic and Health Survey in Tunisia (DHS)
• 1994/1995: Tunisian Survey on Maternal and Child Health (PAPCHILD)
• 2001: Tunisian Family Health Survey (PAP FAM)
• 2006: Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS3)
• 2010: The National Survey on Violence against Women in Tunisia (ENVEFT)