Identifying options for the essential package on maternal and new born health


Meeting on
Maternal Health - credit UNFPA Tunisia

Within the framework of the “joint programme on maternal and new born health” the Ministry of Health, supported by UNFPA Tunisia, has identified options for essential package on maternal and new born health.

Three inter-regional workshops gathering health providers from governmental and civil society organizations were organized to discuss and agree on the essential package. The process was conclude by the organization of a national workshop for validating and adoption of the options on essential package on MNH.

All relevant sectors contributed to this process, namely the ministry of Health, the ministry of Social Affairs, health insurance system, civil society, academic institutions and universities.

The options identified are:

Strengthen access to existing services while improving the quality and accessibility of MNH services in the public sector
Access to existing services and ensure implementation of all recommended services included in national regulation and recommendations while ensuring quality and accessibility
Extend the range of current services in MNH to new services

A document on essential package on MNH is developed and will be used in 2018 for advocacy purposes to adopt it implement it in order to allow access to all to MNH services.